Saturday, May 12, 2018

Hope Springs Eternal

     I am well on my way back into the swing of things, I think lol. I have done shopping and lots of it. Bodies, heads, make-up and clothes. I'm no where near close to what I want to look like yet. I am taking shots of my progression and will be uploading them to Flickr when I have some time. I'll post them here as well along with a link to my flicker page. The picture you see on my profile is actually how I started second life over 10 years ago. I'll add that one as well because honestly that skin was a freebie someone gave me but honestly it was the best done freebie I ever ran across in my whole time playing.

     I'm learning so much and meeting new people every day. It's absolutely wonderful! I know we all have our families and people we hang with, but honestly since I've been back I've had total strangers say hello to me. I'm not really use to that to be honest. I was never an unpopular person before because I was a DJ for Drgnwingsradio and did many things in Second Life. But being out just roaming around I didn't get people just saying hello like I do now. I think the community has greatly improved over the years which I find greatly refreshing. I thought I would not be enjoying playing as much as I am, but everyone has made me feel very at ease and I have found I am phasing back into Second life much better than I expected I would. Thank you to all who have become new friends and to those I've yet to meet.