Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sorry For the Break

With so much to do, I am sorry I did take a break. I have decided on the Maitraya body, the LAQ Head (Rebel) and I love my new look!
I cannot complain at all. Of course getting use to appliers and shopping for those... found them at LAQ where I should have looked all along was a no brainer lol. But seriously. my look will evolved over time. I'm by no means done with myself. at all. This is what I looked like before I began...
I believe a definite improvement over the old system skins, though I am looking forward to the BoM (Bake on Mesh) I have heard about. Since my SL account is over 10 years old I have so much I just can't toss. I am looking forward to see what will work and won't. I have thousands of hours worth of shopping for clothes, hair and skins! I have heard we will have 64 layers to work with and the bleed through that we have now with certain things will be gone! I think that is wonderful! I plan on telling you the stores where I am shopping, the best deals I am finding on everything from clothing to houses (I've also been decorating a newly acquired sailing community island where I rented a long time ago that I've been decorating) That's why my updates have suffered and I do apologize! I will be posting regularly from now on and I promise not to get to busy to share with you everything that happens. I continue to meet some amazing people that have really astounded me with their kindness. I've met a small few that I wouldn't take the time to utter their names as well! I have been sailing everywhere around the Blake Sea (Thanks Neo) I have had a blast and I plan on a boat purchase in my near future. I've met some incredible people that are wonderful to talk to and have made this change over so easy (thanks to many support groups for the products that I am using). I know I've mentioned Tiny Empires before but I've met some nice people from that as well. It's a HUD based game that started a long time ago. If you have any questions about it just shoot me an IM about it and I'll send you a landmark where you can get a free trial for it or I'll just send you a free trail! It's a blast to play. I've played it for a long time as well. It's really a great way to meet some really wonderful people as well. I know we tend to stick with just the few we play with each day and trust me I understand that fully. One day, something might prevent you too from being here for a long time and you wake up to find everyone you knew is gone. I want to provide you with ways that you can connect with new people to meet and make quality friends.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Hope Springs Eternal

     I am well on my way back into the swing of things, I think lol. I have done shopping and lots of it. Bodies, heads, make-up and clothes. I'm no where near close to what I want to look like yet. I am taking shots of my progression and will be uploading them to Flickr when I have some time. I'll post them here as well along with a link to my flicker page. The picture you see on my profile is actually how I started second life over 10 years ago. I'll add that one as well because honestly that skin was a freebie someone gave me but honestly it was the best done freebie I ever ran across in my whole time playing.

     I'm learning so much and meeting new people every day. It's absolutely wonderful! I know we all have our families and people we hang with, but honestly since I've been back I've had total strangers say hello to me. I'm not really use to that to be honest. I was never an unpopular person before because I was a DJ for Drgnwingsradio and did many things in Second Life. But being out just roaming around I didn't get people just saying hello like I do now. I think the community has greatly improved over the years which I find greatly refreshing. I thought I would not be enjoying playing as much as I am, but everyone has made me feel very at ease and I have found I am phasing back into Second life much better than I expected I would. Thank you to all who have become new friends and to those I've yet to meet.



Friday, May 11, 2018

A Huge Thank You!

Hi all! Well it's day two and I'm well into my "new" self. I can say it's really been interesting and frustrating! I had the help of a wonderful person I was lucky enough to meet yesterday. She's a complete and total sweetheart and I would have been completely lost without her. Her name is Shari Cortes and I met her through Tiny Empires. It's a mini game in Second Life, basically a HUD where you play a small game. I won't go into details it but if your interested in finding out more just message me in world and I'll explain more about it. It's really fun and you meet great people playing it!
     Shari was kind enough to help me through all the utter chaos of understanding the new things that have come to Second Life while I was gone. She provided morale support along with landmarks and advice for making my avatar more up to date. While I don't recommend you just IM'ing a person out of the blue and asking for help, Shari is in my line in Tiny Empires and I asked a question about the game. We began talking and she offered.. I can't tell you how much I appreciated all the advice she gave me. As well as just being there to talk to about other things. I can honestly say I made a long time friend yesterday because she didn't have to do the things she did and I am truly indebted to her for everything. Please make sure to visit her blog. She's got awesome information, pictures and current events on her page. Shari The Cat

     As I continue my transformation, I'll post pictures. Right now in the process of all this trying things on and getting use to how things work I feel so unsure about EVERYTHING! I'm sure that will change as time goes by. Getting use to skins and appliers, so much to learn. I have patience and they say that is a virtue but only time will tell. I want to look my best and one day I will... maybe not tomorrow or the next day but soon.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A New Beginning

  I played Second Life religiously for many years. Then the one thing we never want to happen, did. A wonderful friend passed away from Leukemia and I lost it. I couldn't log into the game anymore. But the magic that is Second Life pulls at you until you yield and your curiosity can no longer hold out.

     I have awoke from my long slumber to find so much has changed! Mesh ... Everything! Bodies, clothes, shoes, feet, hands and I could go on and on! This is to chronicle my journey into the unknown realm of all these new things as I relearn basically from scratch What I should  look for and avoid as I get back into Second Life. I was a builder and designer back then, I'll also be relearning that. I'll share with you my changes in bodies, clothing and design work. I'm looking forward to learning as I feel that expanding the mind is the greatest gift one can give to oneself.

     Join me as I go through my new growing pains from a game I use to play everyday to one that is totally foreign to me now. Going from system bodies and prim clothes to new and better things. What new shapes and forms will I take on? Only time will tell dear reader... I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I'm sure I will.